ETA – Highland Park’s Freshest Cocktail Lounge Design by Sayre Ziskin

When The Greyhound first opened on this stretch of Figueroa, it was a risky move. Would the neighborhood embrace a sports bar-cum-gastropub with classic American fare and a dark vibe? Of course it did, especially since every Dodger game is on the televisions and the burgers are pitch perfect. But when owners James Bygrave, Ryan Julio, and Matt Glassman decided they needed to up the ante, they went with something a little more refined.

The result of just four short months of constructionETA arrives just in time in burgeoningHighland Park. Opening Friday, the same day as the massive reconstructed Highland Park Bowl across the street, this diminutive cocktail lounge feels a world away from the bustle of the bowling alley on the other side of Figueroa. In fact, it feels pretty different from the team’s other concept, The Greyhound, which sports terrific wings and wide craft beer selection.

They’ve changed gears significantly with ETA, which takes over a tiny former boutique and transforms it into an intimate cocktail lounge. Mauricio Canales, formerly of Mercado and Bar Ama, brings a creative bent toward mixed drinks, such as the Penultimate Word. The gin-based beverage mixes mezcal, cucumber puree, green chartreuse, and lime for a complex, spring-worthy sipper.

Also consider wines by the glass and a small beer selection for those who don’t want a crafted intoxicant. If you’re hungry, you can always indulge in some light bar snacks, though they won’t care if you bring something in from The Greyhound or anywhere else on the block to munch on.

Designed by Sayre Ziskin, who also did the polished Now Boarding lounge in West Hollywood, ETA makes the best of a small footprint, though it’s really accented by a mural painted by local artist Tarajosu. When it opens officially on Friday, hours will run 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., Monday to Thursday, and until 2 a.m. on weekends, with a slightly earlier start time.

ETA 5630 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042

ETA Highland ParkWonho Frank Lee

[The entrance of ETA]

ETA Highland Park 1Wonho Frank Lee

[The bar]

ETA HP 3Wonho Frank Lee

[The back lounge]

ETA InteriorWonho Frank Lee
ETA LightWonho Frank Lee
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[Everything in its right place]

ETA HP 6Wonho Frank Lee

[The front lounge area]