The Hollywood Reporter – Hollywood’s Top 25 Power Lunch Spots

Power Lunch_Press Food and Bounty

Lisa Edelstein (left) and Marti Noxon at Food & Bounty at Sunset Gower Studios

Photographed by Amanda Friedman on Jan. 9

Food & Bounty, the just-opened canteen at Hollywood’s Sunset Gower Studios (1438 N. Gower St.),

is reinventing the studio commissary, where food is often “phoned in,” says chef-owner Helen Cavallo.

Her casual, employees- and guests-only eatery serves fresh, locally sourced food, with plenty of vegetarian

options (such as cauliflower steaks with romanesco sauce) alongside classics such as the Cubano

panini. The menu suits Edelstein, the lead of Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, which operated its

production offices out of the studio during its debut season. “I like my job more than I like pasta,”

jokes Edelstein, whose diet includes neither meat nor gluten. (Tony Goldwyn, who shoots Scandal

at Sunset Gower, also is a regular.) Girlfriends’ Guide creator Noxon remembers her writers previously

using the patio for smoke breaks, dubbing it “Casa de Fumar.” Now it’s occupied by rows of aeroponic

towers where Cavallo grows produce. A former executive producer for Quentin Tarantino’s company

A Band Apart, Cavallo quit nearly a decade ago to pursue cooking, launching Food & Bounty six years

ago as a catering company and now adding her first restaurant to the mix. “It’s the way our parents

and grandparents used to eat,” says Cavallo, whose menu also includes her aunt’s meatball recipe.

“It’s real food.” — AUSTIN SIEGEMUND-BROKA