Now Boarding Open for Business

Now Boarding, A First Class Lounge Dropped Right Onto West Hollywood

The glamorous days of flying high on Pan Am in the mid-60s is sadly over, with cramped airlines and surly flight attendants. But Steve Kelly wants to bring those days back, when the likes of Don Draper and Frank Abagnale (of Catch Me If You Can) were sipping gin tonics in first class. Directing your attention to Now Boarding, which goes into the former SixtySix on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, miles from LAX, but probably closer to your inland doorstep. Co-owner Wil Figueroa (Roger Room) compiles a fresh cocktail program, while a craft beer and wine list remind you that it isn’t the mid-century any longer.

The tunes still veer toward that era, with live acoustic sets, jazz standards, covers, and DJ sets rocking 50s rock ‘n roll and Motown. The interior design comes via Sayre Ziskin, combining gold chandeliers, geometric wallpaper, and more aviation themed decor.